Book on Zero Oil Cooking

Zero Oil Cooking

Zero oil cooking is becoming popular because now-a-days people have become conscious about the problems which they will face due to excess oil consumption. Everyone wants a long life accompanied with good health. To maintain the good health, it is necessary to consume the right amount of calorie, cholesterol, fat, proteins, vitamins, etc. More amount of oil and solid fats can cause various problems in the body like heart disease, problems, obesity, cancer and other chronic diseases. Zero oil cooking helps you in maintaining the optimum health of your body specially your heart. SAAOL heart centre offers zero oil cooking recipes and heart care books in both English and Hindi.

An Option For Zero Oil Cooking

The best way to cut down the oil intake is by changing the way you cook food. We present you various book on zero oil cooking so that you can manage the amount of oil you consume. When it comes to cooking without oil, the first thing that comes to one’s mind is missing their favorite food dishes. So to make you tension free, we present the best book on zero oil cooking which will give you an opportunity to enjoy your favorite dishes without worrying about the oil consumption. Dr. Bimal Chhajer has written various books on zero oil cooking so that you can get great choice in roti, saubzi, soup, salad as well as snack. The beauty you find in these recipes is that the taste of food item remains just the same inspite of having low oil content in it.

The famous Book on Zero Oil Cooking by Dr. Chhajer are:

  • Zero Oil Cook Book (English/ Hindi)
  • Zero Oil Thali
  • Zero Oil Snacks
  • Zero Oil Sweets
  • Zero Oil Namkeen
  • Healthy Cooking
  • Zero Oil Thali (A Complete Meal Without Oil)
  • Zero Oil South Indian Cook Book

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