Best Alternative to Angioplasty Surgery

What is angioplasty surgery

In order for the heart to perform properly it is necessary that each of the arteries and veins are open. They can become blocked because of the buildup of cholesterol or plaque. This makes it hard for the heart to pump blood to all the body parts and even cause discomfort in the chest, which in turn makes the heart weak. This may lead to a heart attack. Angioplasty is the procedure in which the blocked arteries and veins are cleared to get the normal flow of blood. Some people try to find another option for natural heart disease treatment rather than selecting surgery.

The process that takes place in angioplasty is as follows:

The doctor selects a spot in your arm and inserts a small catheter into the artery. This is passed into the artery till it reaches the heart. A wire is passed through the catheter till the blockage. This wire has a balloon on its end which is inflated. The balloon pushes the blockage material (cholesterol or plaque) opening the artery by pushing it wide to open it. This increases the width of artery and allows the heart to receive and supply blood.

Best Alternative to Angioplasty Surgery

Alternative to surgery

If the patient does not what to have angioplasty surgery, then there is a best alternative to angioplasty surgery i.e. chelation therapy and Enhanced External Counter Pulsation (EECP). The individual having blockage in heart considers these two as the safe and most preferred best alternative to angioplasty surgery. We provide the most reliable treatment to our patients giving them complete relief from artery blockage. Due to inserting the catheter into the artery, patients usually try to avoid it and take a safe substitute instead of surgery. To help them, Saaol Heart Center presents a preferable method which is safe as well as efficient in removing the blockage. It consists of supplying the elements to the body that help in dissolving the plaque and eradicate it.

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