How to protect yourself from heart attack

In today’s computerized generation each and every person is running like a machine. Every single person forgets to maintain their inner and outer health of the body, and this leads to the major type of heart diseases. Due to restlessness and poor consciousness in taking the food, this is why many heart problems are occurring in the majority of the people.

At Saaol Heart Center, we are taking intense care of the patients who are in problem of heart disease with different unique methods. We are trying to cure people using surgeries and provide them with the special treatment. Other than Baroda, we also have many branches of our heart centre at Jaipur, Kota, Indore and Bhopal.

Main Reason of Heart Disease

The most common reason for heart disease is lack of daily exercises, lack of yoga, more consumption of unhealthy food like the one which contains more carbohydrates, oily foods, more consumption of alcohol, drugs, habit of chain smoking, over stress and restlessness creates the major heart problems.

Symptoms for Heart Disease:

Symptom of heart problems differs from person to person. It can be of minor level for some people and at major level for other people. Male and female, both can have the heart problems. Some are familiar about it and while others are unaware about these diseases. Pain in the heart, feeling hard to breath, heartburn and feeling more tired than usual these all are the symptoms for the heart disease

Prevention of Heart Disease

The simple idea that we provide is must to do for everyone to not only get a healthy heart but also get fit and healthy life. At Saaol Heart Center, we give guidance to those who are suffering from the problem of heart disease.

Simple ideas for healthy heart

1. Maintain healthy diet
2. Maintain proper weight
3. Control alcohol consumption
4. Stop smoking
5. Manage stress level
6. Get daily enough

How to Protect Yourself from Heart Attack

The heart is the most important organ for the blood circulation in the body. So, if there is reason for occurring of heart disease then there must be some prevention to cure the heart disease. Our heart center has many specialized cardiologists for curing the heart disease, whether it is complicated or it is in the starting stage. Our expert guides the patients in a very well manner on how to protect themselves from heart attack so that they do not get tensed about their disease. There are various medical devices and equipments in our center to cure the disease with advance facility. And also guide to cure the heart blockages and attacks naturally under the guidance of our expert professionals.

Prevention is better than cure, so it would be great if you follow the natural heart disease prevention guidelines rather than the costly heart surgeries. So take time and visit our heart center for best care of your heart that will help you get healthy heart for your present and future life.

Symptoms of Heart Disease

The symptoms of heart disease vary from person to person and depend on the type of heart disease you have. They symptoms may even vary for both male and female. At SAAOL Heart Centre, you will find the exact help and tips for the kind of heart disease you have. We provide best treatment to heart disease naturally and without bypass surgery or angioplasty. The main type of heart problems that people face are: coronary artery disease and congenital heart disease.

Symptoms of heart problem in males and females:

  • Chest discomfort
  • Nausea or Stomach pain
  • Pain from chest to arm
  • Lightheaded or dizzy feeling
  • Throat or jaw pain
  • Sweating without any reason
  • Swollen Legs, Feet and Ankles
  • Irregular heart beat

Symptoms of heart problems especially in Females:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Nausea, Heartburn or Stomach pain
  • Vomiting
  • Fainting
  • Lightheaded or dizzy feeling
  • Unusual fatigue
  • Sweating without any reason

Classifying based on the type of heart disease the symptoms are as follows:

Coronary Artery Disease

Congenital Heart Disease

Shortness of breath Retarded growth
Palpitation Less ability to exercise
Weakness Poor weight gain
Nausea Dizziness
Fast heartbeat Excessive sweating
Sweating Swelling in hands, ankles or feet
Chest pain Rapid breathing

We at Saaol Heart Centre, provide you with the general signs and symptoms that you face if you encounter any type of heart disease. In addition to this, we even provide you with the best tip and remedies that help to prevent heart attack at home in a natural way and reduce the chances of heart disease with the help of food. We are the best heart specialist in Baroda with professionals that are cardio logical expert to cure heart blockages and attacks naturally.

Tips To Prevent Heart Disease

Heart disease is one of the leading causes that results in the death of large number of people. There are various reasons that can lead you to a weak heart and increase the chances of getting a heart attack or have a heart disease. You are never too young or too old to encounter a heart disease as today’s rapidly changing lifestyle gives lot of reasons that result into heart disease or a heart attack. 


The most common reasons that lead to heart diseases consist of lack of exercise, insufficient nutrients supply, unhealthy habits like smoking and eating tobacco, overweight, drug abuse, etc. There are various natural ways that are considered as home remedies to prevent heart disease and get a healthy heart. Follow the tips given below which are highly helpful in heart disease prevention.

Below are the most common and simple tips for heart disease prevention:

Select a healthy diet: Choose food that has low content of saturated fat, trans fat and sodium in it. Consume plenty of healthy food like green vegetables, fiber-rich whole grains, fish, nuts, fresh fruits, etc. And when you select dairy products make sure they have less fat in it.

Maintain your weight: A most common problem that people face today is the increase in weight due to consuming high amount of fast-food. It is the most important thing for the person having diabetes to control their weight. Excess of weight causes heart to work harder and amplify the changes of getting high BP, diabetes, cholesterol which all lead to heart disease.

Do regular exercise: Physical exercise helps in controlling the weight and reducing the chances of gaining high cholesterol, BP or diabetes. Activity strengthens the heart and also improves the blood circulation in the body. You can do walking, yoga, gardening, etc. that do not require any kind of extra element for doing exercise.

Avoid smoking or using tobacco: Smoking and the use of tobacco are considered the most signification factors that lead to heart disease resulting in a heart attack. Nicotine in smoking and other chemicals in tobacco damage the heart and narrow the blood vessels restricting the heart to pump blood properly.

Manage the stress and anger level: The level of stress you take is directly linked in getting a heart disease as it raises the blood pressure. Try doing yoga and meditation, listening to music to reduce the level of stress and staying happy by focusing on the thing that clam you and are peaceful.

Manage diabetes: Always control the amount of glucose in your body. Try to have a tight control over consumption and the level of glucose as it gives rise to diabetes. The high amount of blood sugar damages the blood vessels and nerves increasing the chances of heart disease.

Get enough sleep: People that lack in getting a proper sleep have higher chances of obesity, high BP, diabetes and depression. All the problems ultimately give rise to heart disease. The most necessary amount of time is 7-8 hours of sleep for adults, 9-10 for teens, at least 10 hrs for school and preschool kids and 16-18 hrs for newborn babies.

Limit alcohol consumption: If you consume too much of alcohol, it will increase the blood pressure and also add some calories that causes weight gain. If you consume it regularly make sure that if you are a girl it should not be more than one drink and for boys not more than 2 drinks. Both the high blood pressure and weight gives rise to heart diseases.

Follow the above mentioned tips to reduce the risk of getting a heart disease or heart problem. We at SAAOL HEART CENTER help you to prevent and reduce the heart related problems. We even provide treatment of heart disease with and without surgery making an alternative to bypass surgery.

Book on Zero Oil Cooking

Zero Oil Cooking

Zero oil cooking is becoming popular because now-a-days people have become conscious about the problems which they will face due to excess oil consumption. Everyone wants a long life accompanied with good health. To maintain the good health, it is necessary to consume the right amount of calorie, cholesterol, fat, proteins, vitamins, etc. More amount of oil and solid fats can cause various problems in the body like heart disease, problems, obesity, cancer and other chronic diseases. Zero oil cooking helps you in maintaining the optimum health of your body specially your heart. SAAOL heart centre offers zero oil cooking recipes and heart care books in both English and Hindi.

An Option For Zero Oil Cooking

The best way to cut down the oil intake is by changing the way you cook food. We present you various book on zero oil cooking so that you can manage the amount of oil you consume. When it comes to cooking without oil, the first thing that comes to one’s mind is missing their favorite food dishes. So to make you tension free, we present the best book on zero oil cooking which will give you an opportunity to enjoy your favorite dishes without worrying about the oil consumption. Dr. Bimal Chhajer has written various books on zero oil cooking so that you can get great choice in roti, saubzi, soup, salad as well as snack. The beauty you find in these recipes is that the taste of food item remains just the same inspite of having low oil content in it.

The famous Book on Zero Oil Cooking by Dr. Chhajer are:

  • Zero Oil Cook Book (English/ Hindi)
  • Zero Oil Thali
  • Zero Oil Snacks
  • Zero Oil Sweets
  • Zero Oil Namkeen
  • Healthy Cooking
  • Zero Oil Thali (A Complete Meal Without Oil)
  • Zero Oil South Indian Cook Book

Best Non-Invasive Cardiac Care‎

Non–invasive is the medical technique in which the skin is not broken or cut open. Non-invasive cardiology focus on the recognition and treatment of the diseases that are related to heart. This treatment method helps in evaluating the disorders in the heart through series of tests without inserting the medical equipment in the body. 


This technique is used to detect complications even before the symptoms appear. There are number of procedures that come under non invasive cardiac care starting from simple checking and observing the patient to some specialized radio surgery. At Saaol Heart Center we provide you with the most effective and convenient check up for your cardiac problems. We offer best non-invasive cardiac care that are highly preferred by patients instead of bypass and angioplasty treatments.

At Saaol heart center Baroda we provide various services like:

  • Inpatient & Outpatient diagnosis
  • Stress Echocardiogram
  • Exercise Stress Test (Simple & nuclear imaging)
  • TransEsophageal Echocardiogram (TEE)
  • TransThoracic Echocardiogram (TTE)
  • Cardiac Stress Testing
  • Treadmill Test (TMT)
  • Enhanced External Counterpulsation (EECP)
  • Pacemaker Interrogation
  • Computed Tomography Angiogram (CTA)

All the heart related problems need to be treated properly and safely to prevent any kind of severe conditions. We provide you the best non-invasive cardiac care services in most safe manner ensuring effective diagnosis and treatment to the heart related problems. We even present some special programs including education and exercise to help our patients get on a path to good healthy heart. We have counseling sessions, specially designed exercise routine and interactive learning about the nutrition tips for health care.   

Best Alternative to Angioplasty Surgery

What is angioplasty surgery

In order for the heart to perform properly it is necessary that each of the arteries and veins are open. They can become blocked because of the buildup of cholesterol or plaque. This makes it hard for the heart to pump blood to all the body parts and even cause discomfort in the chest, which in turn makes the heart weak. This may lead to a heart attack. Angioplasty is the procedure in which the blocked arteries and veins are cleared to get the normal flow of blood. Some people try to find another option for natural heart disease treatment rather than selecting surgery.

The process that takes place in angioplasty is as follows:

The doctor selects a spot in your arm and inserts a small catheter into the artery. This is passed into the artery till it reaches the heart. A wire is passed through the catheter till the blockage. This wire has a balloon on its end which is inflated. The balloon pushes the blockage material (cholesterol or plaque) opening the artery by pushing it wide to open it. This increases the width of artery and allows the heart to receive and supply blood.

Best Alternative to Angioplasty Surgery

Alternative to surgery

If the patient does not what to have angioplasty surgery, then there is a best alternative to angioplasty surgery i.e. chelation therapy and Enhanced External Counter Pulsation (EECP). The individual having blockage in heart considers these two as the safe and most preferred best alternative to angioplasty surgery. We provide the most reliable treatment to our patients giving them complete relief from artery blockage. Due to inserting the catheter into the artery, patients usually try to avoid it and take a safe substitute instead of surgery. To help them, Saaol Heart Center presents a preferable method which is safe as well as efficient in removing the blockage. It consists of supplying the elements to the body that help in dissolving the plaque and eradicate it.